Config Updates Without Redeployment for Spring and Kubernetes

Spring PropertySources and Kubernetes Configmaps

Here’s what you’ll accomplish by the end of this article: Create a small Spring Boot application that loads a property file from a configurable location overriding configuration that is packaged with the application. Package the application in a docker image and see how to override the config file via docker commands. Deploy the application to kubernetes. Use a Kubernetes Configmap to update your configuration without redeployment of your application. Learn about when using these methods together is recommended. [Read More]

Accelerate Your Deployment Velocity with Feature flags

Moving Beyond Environment Segmentation

Make Small Iterative Changes We wrote in How Many Deployments Amazon Does in a Day that your team is likely capable of deploying a million times in about 10 years with a little more than 55 engineers by making 2-3 changes per week per engineer to production. When you make that many changes per week, those changes likely aren’t complete features. Complete features may have hundreds of small iterative changes of that size with contributions from many people. [Read More]

You Can Match How Many Deployments Amazon Does in a Day

(Per Engineer)

Wonder how many deployments Amazon does in a day? In November 2014, Dr. Werner Vogels reported that Amazon achieves 50M deployments a year across their dev, test, and production environments. That’s 136k deployments per day or about 1.6 per second. His article describes the systems they created to automate deployment across their infrastructure. That is only one aspect of reaching that astronomical position. You also need a lot of engineers to reach that level of productivity. [Read More]