10x Faster Spring Boot Startup Times

Spring Native Startup Performance

Applications based on spring-boot are not known for extremely fast startup times and low memory usage. Usually spring-boot application are meant for long running backend processes and we have learned to live with the startup time and higher memory usage. This is because leveraging spring-boot solves so many other problems for the developer and speeds up the overall development process. In other words, we are OK with more developer productivity at the cost of higher resource usage at runtime specially at application startup. [Read More]

Kubernetes with Java - Creating Images

Bundling your Java apps into OCI images to run under Kubernetes

Building production quality images for Java apps To run a spring-boot app on k8s, you need to create a container image. The images need to be in the Open Container Image format. In this article, we will review how to create OCI images two different ways: Using a Dockerfile Using Cloud Native Buildpacks Note: The Open Container Image (OCI) format antecedent of the Docker image format as a standard specification. [Read More]