Kubernetes with Java - Running in the Cluster

Using Kubernetes API through a Java app from inside the Kubernetes cluster with RBAC

What are we going to do? This post builds on top of Kubernetes with Java - Introduction and Kubernetes with Java - Asynchronous APIs posts which showed us how to interact with the Kubernetes API to list deployment resources and provide an API of our own to list teams and apps belonging to those teams running in the cluster. In this post, we will Configure a spring-boot app to be able to access the Kubernetes API when running inside a Kubernetes cluster Learn how to package up a spring-boot app into an OCI image (aka Docker image) Configure RBAC with Role, RoleBinding, and ServiceAccount so our spring-boot app has the ability to run with only the Kubernetes APIs that we think it should have access to and nothing more Create Deployment and Service resources to deploy our spring-boot app and expose its API within the cluster Prerequisites Access to source code for the project - https://github. [Read More]